Introduction to PLC Programming with Zelio Soft and SoMachine


This course provides an introduction to PLC programming, focusing on using Zelio Soft and SoMachine software. Participants will learn the basics of PLCs, programming languages, and how to create and simulate programs for automation tasks. By the end of the course, students will be able to design, program, and troubleshoot basic PLC applications.

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Course Objectives:
Understand the fundamentals of PLCs and their role in automation.
Gain proficiency in using Zelio Soft and SoMachine for PLC programming.
Develop the ability to write and simulate PLC programs.
Learn to troubleshoot and debug PLC programs.
Apply PLC programming concepts to real-world automation scenarios.

Course Duration:
6 weeks
3-4 hours per week

Basic understanding of electrical circuits.
Familiarity with computer operation and software installation.


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